Duratruss DT 34/2-T40-TD

Duratruss DT 34/2-T40-TD
178 000 Ft
A vásárlás után járó pontok: 1 780 Ft
DuraTruss DT 34/2-T40-TD - 4 way T-joint + down

The DT34 series is one of the most popular trussing systems duratruss has ever produced. The high load capacity combined with a very low weight are the features of this 29cm series with conical coupler. The advantage of the quick connector system lies in the fact that it closes force-locking the belt tube and allows rapid assembly and dismantling. The four tubes are made of 50mm aluminum tube with a wall thickness of 2mm and give this system an outstanding strength -to-weight ratio. The struts have a diameter of 20 mm with a wall thickness of 2 mm. The system also includes cones, steel pins and safety clips.

Optionally the system can be extended with various lengths, corners, T-branches, angles, and circles. Extensive accessories such as hooks, connectors, base plates, wall mounts, spacers and much more solutions will complete the product range.

The system is from European production which is compatible to the most common systems in the market and is TÜV approved.

Strengths of the truss system:
• High quality aluminum tubes with 50mm diameter
• Easy installation
• Low weight
• Space-saving transport
• For exhibition stand construction and event technology

Elérhetőség:  ha saját raktáron: 1-2 munkanap

                       ha központi raktáron: 3-21 munkanap általában

                       kérdés esetén vedd fel velünk a kapcsolatot

Kiszállítás: 40 000 Ft felett ingyenes.

Egyes termékek esetében országos készlethiány előfordul.

• Main Tube: 50 x 2 mm
• Braces: 20 x 2mm
• Alloy: EN-AW 6082 T6 (AlMgSi1)
• Manufactured according DIN 4112, DIN 4113-1
• Coupling System: Concial connector with bolt and locking pin

Dimension and weight:
• Lenght: 500mm (without connector)
• Width: 500 mm
• Height: 500 mm
• Weight: 6,9 kg
Delivery including connector set, consisting of: 12 conical connectors, 24 bolts and 24 locking pins.

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